White Source in the village of Barklainiai

  • Baltasis (Barklainių) šaltinis
The current source spurts from the stream Orija, on its left bank (Barklainiai village, the eldership of Daujėnai). Earlier, the source was in another place, very watery – the stream had 30–40 cm fountain. The stream’s bottom pebbles and its edge grass are so white that the source is called White or sometimes the Orija Source. He raised 150 m to the south of Daujėnai–Porijai road leading to the Barklainiai stone field. In 1978, in order to save agricultural land, road builders paved the way straight through the White Source. In 1980, a new source appeared from a dug underground pipe, which purpose is to run through chemical and organic fertilizers from the fields into the Orija Stream. The Source erupted on the Stream Orija bank and reached the height of one meter then it curved into the Stream by a 3 m long and 0.4 m wide channel. The source water is clear, colourless and has a pungent odour of hydrogen sulphide. It is tasteless, because there are a lot of sulphates (gypsum) and other chemical compounds. It comes out of the Tatula karst region formations of gypsum deposits, occurring in 10–15 m depth under the Quaternary period deposits. The Source water is very cold – 8 degrees Celsius. Although there are more sulphate and water sources in Lithuania, but this water is more saturated with the chemicals: white sediment covers the entire bed. Animals do not drink this water. In 1985, this Source is declared as a natural monument.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.95893, 24.54421