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Developing „Pasvalia"

In 2009, with the digitization of cultural heritage in full swing, Pasvalys Marius Katiliškis Public Library launched the project „Digital Library Of The Country: Cultural Heritage In The Virtual Space". It marked the start of the electronic library of the country of Pasvalys online (web portal www.pasvalia.lt) which enabled visitors from Lithuania and abroad to access cultural heritage preserved by local memory institutions. The access is free of charge or membership. „Pasvalia" also includes immovable cultural heritage.

Two projects for promotion of digital cultural heritage („Through The World With PASVALIA" in 2010 and „PASVALIA closer to people" in 2011) introduced local cultural heritage in many other Lithuanian regions and made it accessible for the Lithuanian exodus and the larger society as well as opened ways for integration of digital data to Europeana.

The main developers of Pasvalys country e-library  „Pasvalia" are Pasvalys Marius Katiliškis Public Library and the company „DiZi". The developers are helped by numerous project partners: cultural and educational institutions of the country, parishes, individual enthusiasts. Projects were partially funded by Lithuanian Culture Ministery and Pasvalys District Municipality.

E-guide of „Pasvalia" to help to know better the country of Pasvalys

E-guide of „Pasvalia" is a follow-up to the previous promotional project for „Pasvalia". It was launched in collaboration with „DiZi" company in 2015. The portal www.pasvalia.lt was equiped with a new extra module - the mobile e-guide of „Pasvalia" designed to present immovable cultural heritage and to promote digital heritage. The aim of the project was to put into practice original, socially oriented ideas, innovative informational technologies and to assure further professional promotion of the content hosted by Pasvalys country electronical library „Pasvalia". E-guide of „Pasvalia"presents rich cultural heritage and lets appreciate the authenticity of the country. The project aims to fulfill the needs of the mobile society.

E-guide is free to access, it is designed to be accessed on smartphones, tablets, ordinary computers. Information is provided in Lithuanian and English. The interactive e-guide map features immovable heritage objects in the district of Pasvalys and suggests possible itineraries for sightseeing tours to discover archeological, archtecural, historical, cultural, urban and natural monuments. Choose any site on the map and you'll get information about the object of your interest by text, audio or video format.

The guide is here to use for people from local community and from all over Lithuania, for all those visiting by - our tourists and our guests. We suggest you to try out any of itineraries made by the developers of „Pasvalia": Freedom fights. On the footsteps of Anti-soviet resistance fighters in the country of Pasvalys, Let's go for a walk around Pasvalys, Places to visit by the river Mūša, On the footsteps of the country's past, Rowing in search for the origins of Pasvalys.

If you're visiting our country, don't forget the e-guide of „Pasvalia"!

The content of e-guide of „Pasvalia" is developed by the team from the Country Cultural Heritage Documentation Centre in Pasvalys Marius Katiliškis Public Library. Descriptions for the cultural heritage objects were provided by Rasa Mikniuviene, methodist teacher.

The content of the e-guide will be constantly developed and the circle of partners will enlarge in time. Our mission is to educate active, social, consciencious and culturally aware future generations.

The Project is partially funded by Lithuanian Culture Council at Lithuanian Culture Ministry and by Pasvalys District Municipality.

If you dispose of interesting and useful information about immovable culture objects in the country of Pasvalys, you are most welcome to send them in by e-mail toma.mikalajunaite@psvb.lt. We will take care to provide your information to the e-guide users.

The main partners of the Project:

 Gražvydas Balčiūnaitis, senior specialist for objects of cultural value in Pasvalys District Municipality   

 Pasvalys Country Museum

 Pasvalys Petras Vileišis Gymnasium

Pasvalys District Municipality Education And Sports Department