Pamiškiai ancient settlements

  • Pamiškių senovės gyvenvietės
This ancient settlement is in the Pasvalys neighbourhoods’ eldership, Pasvalys district. Two ancient settlements were discovered by archaeologists in 1990. The first settlement is to the southwest from the Pamiškiai cemetery and to the north from the confluence of the River Mūša and its left tributary. It occupies an area of 50 by 50 m. The second settlement is on the left bank on the River Mūša, on the first of its terrace, 250 meters to the southwest from the Pamišiai cemetery. The area is 250 by 50 m. and the territory occupies 1.46 ha. The artifacts which were found on the settlement date back to the middle or the second half of the first millennium after Christ. They were transferred to the Pasvalys Museum.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.09843, 24.43438