Regional Park of Biržai

  • Biržų regioninis parkas
This Park was established in 1992, in order to preserve Lithuanian karst region’s landscape, its natural ecosystem and cultural heritage. The purpose is to manage a unique region and use its resources wisely. There are 14030 hectares of area. The great part of the territory belongs to the Biržai District (12,694 ha), the rest – to Pasvalys district (the Lower of the River Tatula as far as it flows into the River Mūša). Abundant Park Reserves protect the ground's geological structure, the valleys of the River Tatula and other Rivers of this region as well as characteristic flora and fauna of Northern Lithuania. The settlements of Rauboniai, Kirdoniai, Likėnai and the town Biržai are the parts of the Park.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.214341442377474, 24.6368408203125