Peat-bog Botanical Reserve in Šermukšniai

  • Šermukšnių durpyno botaninis draustinis
This peat-bog used to be exploited but nowadays it is abandoned, overgrown by bushes and wood of little value. Due to lack of moisture, remaining peat layers mineralized, the vegetation change, so we cannot find the rare and protected species of plants. There are some rare, endangered birds, for instant, bog crane, black grouse, and on the edges of this place we can find breeding lesser spotted eagle, buzzard, goshawk, which often arrive to feed in the peat-bog area. Moreover, this place is rich in small songbirds: we can mention thrush, finch, European robin, garden warbler, Frua filoskopo, river warbler and marsh warbler.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.89352, 24.09229