Botanical-Zoological Reserve of Pajiešmeniai

  • Pajiešmenių botaninis-zoologinis draustinis
Botanical-Zoological Reserve of Pajiešmeniai The former clay pits, filled with water, overgrown with reeds and sedge, resemble a shallow lake. The total Reserve area is 29 hectares. These pits are valuable as breeding places of endangered species of water and wading birds and as a resting place during their migrations. We can mention great bittern, eared grebe bird, little grebe, mute swan, great duck, black-headed duck, tufted duck, mallard duck, common teal, marsh harrier, Eurasian coot, moorhen, common snipe, spotted sandpiper and little ringed plover. There are a great number of passerine birds, for example, there breed Sylvia Fluesnappers, Great Reed warbler, the sedge warbler, common Savi's Warbler, reed bunting, yellow wagtail, meadow pipit and stonechat. In the meadows near the pits, there breed corncrakes and quails. There are some protected amphibians, for example, European Fire-bellied Toad. Three rare species of insects: Pterostichus macer, Aporia CrataegI and Siona lineate were discovered in this territory. In 1998, the territory of pits was declared as a botanical reserve protected by the municipality.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11723259803971, 24.506378173828125