Vaidžiūnai ancient settlements

  • Vaidžiūnų senovės gyvenvietės
This ancient settlements is in the Pasvalys neighborhoods’ eldership, Pasvalys district. It is located on the left bank of the River Mūša, at the village Vaidžiūnai. During an exploratory expedition of the Lithuanian Institute of History (in 1990) there were discovered three ancient settlements. The first ancient settlement is located to the north from the confluence of the Rivers Lėvuo and Mūša and to the southwest from the Vaidžiūnai village cemetery. The second is 100 m to the west from the confluence of the Rivers Pravalka and Mūša, in an arable field, and the third settlement is to the north from the confluence of the Rivers Pravalka and Mūša. The territorial area of this ancient settlement is 5.45 ha. In 1997, archaeologists clarified the territory and the chronology of the settlement. During an exploration of its territory, 24 surfs were dug and it was stated that the cultural layer is preserved only in fragments, it consists of 10–50 cm thick, grey soil with some findings: clay plaster pieces, single shivers of pots. There is a proposal to adjust the settlement territory and make two ancient settlements: one to the north-west from the Vaidžiūnai village cemetery, to the west from a field’s lane and another one to the west from the former quarry and to the north from the Stream Pravalka. According to the findings of the ancient settlements, the first one can be dated in the middle of the first millennium after Christ (the second half) and the second settlement does not have enough data to talk about its chronology. The discoveries were transferred to the Pasvalys Museum.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08709, 24.43019