Kyburiai old burial ground

  • Kyburių kapinynas
This burial ground is located in the Vaškai eldership, Pasvalys district. It is on a small hill between two cemeteries, on the right side of the road Kyburiai–Saločiai and about 300 meters to the east from Kyburiai village. On the north- west side this burial ground has an edge with an old cemetery (XVIII–XIX c.) and 100 m to the southeast there is the new rural cemetery. The burial ground is rectangular, 55 meters by 100 meters in size. While having dug gravel, people used to find various artifacts, which are stored in the Lithuanian museums: National Museum, "Aušra" in Šiauliai, "Sėla" in Biržai region and Pasvalys Museum. According to the explorers’ data, people were buried in that burial ground between the VII and XI centuries.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.23738, 24.23741