Vaidžiūnai burial ground

  • Vaidžiūnų kapinynas
This burial ground is in the Pasvalys neighbourhoods’ eldership, Pasvalys district. It is located 100 meters from the confluence of Rivers Lėvuo and Mūša, 70 m to the southwest s from the Vaidžiūnai village cemetery, on the left bank of the River Mūša. During World War II, the old burial ground was plowed; a flood washed away its surface and some bronze artifacts, a skull and a stone „foundation“ appeared. Later there were found dozens of Stone and Iron Age artifacts. It is believed that some of the findings (two rectangular bracelets) came there from the Vaidžiūnai burial mound or barrow. In 1997, in those places there were not discovered any graves or archaeological artifacts. The burial ground could be to the north- northwest from the investigated area, in the quarry area. In that way, it was destroyed. There is a proposal to remove the Vaidžiūnai burial ground from the List of newly discovered historical and cultural monuments, and the area in the south from this territory has to be protected as an ancient village.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08546, 24.42822