Memorial museum-homestead of poets Leonardas and Eugenijus Matuzevičiai

  • Poetų Eugenijaus ir Leonardo Matuzevičių memorialinis muziejus-sodyba
This house is located in Krinčinas village. A museum was founded in poets’ father, a former chemist of Krinčinas Vilius Matuzevičiaus, wooden house built in a period of 1929–1931. During a period of 1987–1994, the poet Eugenijus Matuzevičius stayed for holidays and created in this furnished cottage. He came to an idea to establish a museum. In 1994, after the death of the poet, a house was declared as a memorial homestead. Since June 1999, a permanent exposition, reflecting two brothers’ lives and work, was organized. Upstairs visitors can come to see Eugenijus Matuzevičius memorial rooms. Since 1994, in June there is an annual traditional poetry festival "Krinčino Verdenės" at Matuzevičiai homestead.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08061, 24.53259