Roofed pole to residents of Bartkūnai village and participants of the 1863 Revolt

  • Stogastulpis Bartkūnų kaimo žmonėms ir 1863 m. sukilėliams
This wooden pole stands in Bartkūnai village (the parish of Pumpėnai), near the River Pyvesa between former homesteads of Jonas and Stasys Rekašiai. Ethnographers from Panevėžys built this pole. It is believed that in 1863, an insurgent, wounded in a battle with Cossacks in the village Januškai, died on that spot. The injured rebel moved through Pyvesa, crawled away to that place and died of wounds. On the monument, there is a metal plate with these words: "To Bartkūnai village local people and the participants of the 1863 Revolt. You are tranquil poor men and serfs of this land. Now you rest in the sand and that is all you earned, not a lot".
  • GPS coordinates: 55.90736993767486, 24.491822721320204