Monument to the participants of the 1863 Revolt in the village of Januškai

  • Paminklas 1863 m. sukilėliams Januškuose
This stone monument is in Januškai village (the eldership of Pumpėnai), by the River Pyvesa, next to the road leading from Moliūnų to Stumbriškis and near the former Januškos manor. The monument was built by ethnographers from Panevėžys. The insurgents, who died in a battle with Cossacks in Januškai village, were buried there. Some people said that there were buried nine rebels, another witnessed six people, still others – two rebels. Two wooden Crosses were also built in that place by two families Galiniai and Baruoliai before moving from this village to Panevėžys. Now these Crosses are almost destroyed.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.89554, 24.51386