Monument to partisans of Panevėžys region and a famer family Januškos

  • Paminklas Panevėžio krašto partizanams ir Januškų kaimo ūkininko Jono Bačinsko šeimai
The monuments are located in the village of Januškai (the eldership of Pumpėnai), by the road from Moliūnai to Stumbriškis, near the former Januškai mansion. Beside there is a monument to the 1863 Revolt. Two cross-shaped concrete monuments immortalize memory of partisans Jurgis Palionis-Ponas and Bronius Alenčikas-Stirna from Panevėžys, as well as memory of the homestead host Jonas Balčinskas and his daughter Stanislava Bačinskaitė, who gave refuge to partisans and were killed on the 26th December 1947. In 2009, two ethnographers from Panevėžys Bronius Mažylis and Algimantas Stalilionis as well as their peers built these monuments. The Bačinskai homestead stood a little bit away, on the other side of the road where nowadays there is an empty field, so it was decided to build a monument on the graves of the 1863 Revolt participants. A monument and two Crosses had previously been at that place.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.89554, 24.51386