Cross to victims of 1948 deportations in Pasvalys Culture and Recreation Park

  • Kryžius kovotojams už Lietuvos laisvę Pasvalio kultūros ir poilsio parke
This oak Cross was built in commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the deportations in May 1948 and it was unveiled in May 2013. Mr. Gražvydas Švaikauskas from Pasvalys created this Cross with the Pasvalys exiles request to the Supreme: "Bless, Oh Lord, those who died for the freedom of Lithuania". During 20 years, at the same place there was another Cross which preserved a memory of the fighters dead for Lithuanian independence after the war, but it was irreparably disrupted with time passing by. Therefore, this symbol of suffering, hope and faith was burned respectfully, and its ashes were buried there, where we have the new Cross.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05345, 24.38185