Monument to a farmer Juozas Miknys in the Žalioji forest

  • Paminklinis akmuo Juozui Mikniui
This monument stands in the Žalioji forest near the St. John pillar-type chapel (block 86).At that place Russian collaborators killed a farmer Juozas Miknys (1892–1945) from Bartkūnai. Firstly, he was brutally tortured and showed around the neighborhood. J. Miknys‘ grandchildren Juozas, Vidas and Virgis Mikniai built the monument. The Russian collaboraters killed Juozas Miknys in revenge for their comrades, who were shot by partisans near the Mikalojus Grabauskas homestead. It was believed that Juozas Miknys asked to organize a partisan ambush, although it was not true.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.88113, 24.50635