Cross to Pranciškus and Kazimieras Bizauskai

  • Kryžius Pranciškui ir Kazimierui Bizauskams Joniškėlio–Pasvalio kryžkelėje
This monument is a Cross which stands at Joniškėlis–Pasvalys crossroads. It is designed to two brothers who came from Vildūnai village, the parish of Joniškėlis. Pranciškus Bizauskas (1861–1937) was a Franciscan Order restorer in Lithuania and his brother Kazimieras (1892 to 1941) was a Lithuanian Independence Act signatory, a public and political figure that Chekists executed in Červenė, near Minsk. The Cross author is a folk artist Vygandas Petrėnas from Panevėžys. It was built in 1990.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.01130, 24.16336