Monument to a partisan Petras Tamošiūnas

  • Koplytstulpis partizanui Petrui Tamošiūnui
This monument was built by the road Panevėžys–Vabalninkas, on the sixth kilometer (Gegužinė forestry of Panevėžys Forest Enterprise, block 199, plot 31). It is designed to a partisan platoon’s commander in Krikliniai, a teacher Petras Tamošiūnas-Simas (1919.01–1952.02.19). He was a partisan since 1944 and because of his personal qualities he was elected as a squad leader. During a Chekist military operation, when they pretended to be hunting, Petras Tamošiūnas was killed. An ethnographer Bronius Mažylis created the monument.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.85344428519631, 24.3636417388916