Barklainiai Manor

  • Barklainių dvaras
If you drive from Pasvalys towards Gulbinėnai and past Krinčinas, you will find the manor of Berklainiai, located in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Krinčinas. Some of Barklainiai manor buildings built around the sixties of the nineteenth century remained to these days. This area, owned at the time by Mr. Laurynas Butkevičius was first mentioned in written sources in 1604. In 1863, the Baron Ludwig von Ropp built on the estate lands a brick mansion and several outbuildings, which are still to these days. The manor house is a single-storey building with a mezzanine in the middle section. Architectural influence of German school is distinct in its style. In the facade of mezzanine, you can see the semi-circular windows like arches and its top is decorated with a wall which lines are an allusion to the ancient Greek architecture. The outbuildings are from fieldstones: you can see stables, a barn, a former building for hired people, and a smokehouse. Only the high red-bricked chimney and the foundation are remained from the former dairy. The mansion is inhabited, but the building is in danger of destruction. The park, covering 19 hectares, was established beside the mansion. It has a geometric plan and many old oaks, maples and lindens grow there. Behind the mansion there is a square surrounded by a small-leaved linden alley. The total length of paths is 200 m, and the width is 12 m. There are 14 species of local trees and 17 species are introduced. Perhaps the most impressive are six major bluish fir-trees (with a diameter from 35 to 45 cm). The simple clustered oaks and black pyramid-shaped poplars are original.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08715, 24.57036