Cross at an agronomist Petras Vasinauskas homestead

  • Kryžius agronomo Petro Vasinausko tėviškėje
This Cross was built in 1999, in the Vasinauskas homestead yard (a farm of Pavalys). Its author is a sculptor Arūnas Grušas. On the Cross we can see a carved sowing man as a Professor commemorative symbol. Beneath this wooden figure we can read the words: “In memory of Professor Dr. Petras Vasinauskas. From local people. 1999“. The Cross unveiling and consecration ceremony took place on the 18th September 1999. During the festival of the town, Pasvalys Dean Monsignor Jonas Balčiūnas consecrated the Cross.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05190, 24.41063