Kalneliškės industrial ancient site

  • Kalneliškių senovės gamybos vieta
This ancient place of production is in the Vaškai eldership, Pasvalys district. It is located 1.3 km to the north from the road Vienžindžiai–Vytartai and 0.9 km to the northeast from the Kriaušiškiai village cemetery. It was stated that the protected area occupies 0.64 ha. In written sources this place is more known as Didieji Grūžiai. In 1880, the estate owner Mr. Povilas Puzinas established a potter's workshop (factory), which operated until 1890. Its production (vases, statues) were in demand even in Russian cities. Earthenware items: floor tiles, glazed tiles, pots, plates, vases and jugs were produced there. Manufactured articles were covered with white, green, brown and other colours glaze. In 1997, in the territory of this site there were found a number of articles. They are stored in the Pasvalys Museum.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11939, 24.23211