Dovydai burial ground

  • Dovydų pilkapynas
This burial ground is in the eldership of Vaškai, Pasvalys district. It is located on a small hill 0.85 kilometres to the north from the road Vytartai–Stipinai and 50 m to the east from the road Grūžiai–Keliuotiškis. The earliest known data about the object was provided in Mr. S. Daunys archaeological monument passport of 1956. There it was indicated that the local people called this burial mound „Katmilžys“ and human bones were found there. The ancient burial ground was almost completely destroyed in gravel-pit exploitation. In 1990, there stood out only one barrow in a diameter of 10 m and up to 0, 5 m high. In the gravel-pit place there could be the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries’ cemetery, which was destroyed in gravel-pit exploitation.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11273, 24.14444