St. Joseph's Church in Vaškai

  • Vaškų Šv. Juozapo bažnyčia
This church is in the village of Vaškai, Pasvalys district. The bricked building was built in 1881 and has the Romanesque and Classicism-style features. The first wooden chapel was built in about 1665. From time to time, a priest from Saločiai used to hold services. During the Wars with the Swedes and the plague period it was abandoned, church accessories were deliverer to Saločiai. In 1766, Mr. Andriejus Staševskis built a new wooden Church. The first rector priest of the Church Kristoforas Staševskis assisted him. In 1766, a priest settled in Vaškai and the rights of parish were granted (until then it depended on Saločiai parish). The family of Staševskiai, owners of the manor Zvanagala, and other landlords gave the Church 20 hectares of land and 13 000 gold coins. In 1793, a new wooden, cross plan Church was built. Mr. Juozapas Lionginas and Mrs. Konstancija (Puzinaitė) Staševskis funded its construction. The Church built the wooden bell tower with three bells. In 1835, a parish school was founded. In 1878, they asked for permission to build a new brick Church, which estimated value was of 28,235 roubles. The construction was denied until more than a half of its estimated value money would be collected. After having collected 17000 roubles, it was allowed to build the Church in 1880. In 1881, the parish priest Bronius Stasevičiaus finished building of the current Church. The owners ot Grūžiai manor and other estates owners donated building materials for 65000 roubles. In 1887, the parish priest B. Stasevičius installed the Organ of 25 registers; from 1888 to 1890 five altars were equipped. In 1892, the Stations of the Cross were purchased.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.16912, 24.20994