Apparition of St. Virgin Mary Church in Krikliniai

  • Kriklinių Švč. Mergelės Marijos Apsilankymo bažnyčia
This Church is in Krikliniai village, Pasvalys district, 7.5 km to the southeast of Pumpėnai. This wooden Church was built in 1897.It has some folk architecture features, a Latin cross plan (20 by 8 m), twin towers and one nave. There are three altars. In ancient times, 2 km from Krikliniai, in the woods, on the mound of Moliūnai there stood a chapel, where the people from Krikliniai used to pray. After a while, the chapel was moved to Krikliniai. A Brother of Carmelites from Pumpėnai used to come occasionally and worship. The local residents built the first wooden Church in 1781, but it was a branch of the parish of Pumpėnai. In the nineteenth century, there was a parish school. In 1897, the Church was rebuilt and increased by adding two chapels at the sides of the Church. The bell tower was also built and in 1926 the parish was founded. In 1948, the parish priest F. Zinevičius and the organist B. Merfeldas were accused of supporting partisans and arrested. The parish priest Pranciškus Masilionis (1902–1980) repaired the Church. The fence is made of stones. There is a wooden bell tower in the churchyard.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.91284, 24.44993