Holy Name of Jesus Church in Daujėnai

  • Daujėnų Švč. Jėzaus Vardo bažnyčia
This Church is located in the village of Daujėnai, Pasvalys district and 12 km to the southeast of Pasvalys town. The bricked building was built in 1803: it has Baroque and Classical features, a rectangular plan and towers. The interior has three naves separated by pillars and it is vaulted. It is believed that at the end of the seventeenth century, in the Daujėnai cemetery there was built a wooden chapel (it did exist in 1750). The priests from Krinčinas used to hold the mass. Then the Krinčinas parish priest Jonas Jeronimas Šarkevičiaus took care and from 1794 to1803 built the present brick Church. Later a priest Juozapas Kubilinskas replaced the wooden ceiling by brick vaults. A wooden parsonage was built in1894. In 1898, priest s settled there constantly, even though the government permit was obtained only in 1903. In 1904, they started to write church register books. In 1908, the priest Vladislovas Pšibitnevskis made stained-glass windows, which won the silver medal in the Panevėžys exhibition of 1905. In 1909, Daujėnai Church became an independent place where the mass could be held. In 1910, the Church was restored and covered with tin. Warsaw artists made the most important work. In1923, the parish was founded. When the manor of Moliūnai, owned by the family Karpiai, was divided into parcels, the Church received 8 ha of land. Mrs. Veronika Mačiuitienė donated 5.5 hectares of land as well. From 1903 to 1942, the priest Vincentas Baltrušaitis built the parish outbuildings, increased the rectory, repaired the church and cleaned up the cemetery. The Daujėnai parish was famous for the Feast days of Pentecost, St. Rock and the Feast of Guardian Angels.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.97540, 24.51938