Daniūnai Manor

  • Daniūnų dvaras
The remains of this manor are located in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Krinčinas in the village of Daniūnai. You can find some buildings 11 km to north-east from Pasvalys, near the road Pasvalys–Biržai, on the right bank of the River Tatula. The mansion belonged to the poor noblemen Anusavičius. The poet Julius Anusavičius (Hanusovice) (1832–1907) was born and died there. In 1863, he was a participant of the popular uprising, for this he was exiled to Siberia. He returned from the exile in 1890. Until 1941, the poet’s brother with his family lived in this mansion. The rest of the estate buildings: The former manor’s living house (26 m by 9 m) is plain and simple. The east side wall of the house is on a tall (up to 1 m) foundation made from stone and plastered, the walls are wooden filled with clay, plastered from the outside. Another end of the house was built later. There is a cellar, a porch and an outbuilding. The roof is slate covered. Some residents live in the house. There are some farm buildings: a barn, a cattle-shed and a large mill. A granary and a farm outbuilding are not from the period of the manor. The manor is a cosy place with many old trees.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.16113, 24.55458