Kaukliai Manor

  • Kauklių dvaras
You can find some remains of Kaukliai mansion in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Pušalotas the village of Kaukliai. It is about 2 km to southwest from Pušalotas. The manor was created from the first half of the nineteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century. In the times of Tsarist Russia, the manor belonged to the patriotic family of Bukauskai who participated in the popular uprising of 1863 and were punished. The manor existed until 1941. The last estate owners were the family of Grigaliūnai. There were two residential manor buildings: the mansion and the building for hired servants. The mansion was a wooden, single-storey building with an attic. In the Soviet times, the former mansion was demolished and an office of a state farm Mikoliškis was built. Later, after the reorganization of Soviet economy, the building was transformed into residential apartments. The manor’s farming buildings were a living house, a barn, a piggery and an icehouse. The barn (24 m by 11.7 m) has two floors; it was made of fieldstones. The walls are 4 meters high. In the corners, there are the massive sloping bricked supports. The frontage has four brick columns, there are separate entrances to the both floors. The roof is slate-covered. The building is well preserved. There are remains of the stable and of two cattle-sheds. The largest cattle-shed was (29 m by 10 m) with high walls (2.4 m), which were made of fieldstones and whitened with lime. The gable roof is slate-covered. There are some buildings which are not from the period of the manor: you can see an outbuilding, a barn and a building for workers.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.92907, 24.20948