Kyburiai Manor

  • Kyburių dvaras
This manor is located in Pasvalys district, the edership of Vaškai in the village Kyburiai, 6 km to the west from the village Kiemėnai. 350 hectares of the estate were owned by a German-born noblewoman Margarita Hauzmonienė. It is one of the old mansions, divided in individual parcels in 1924. In 1762, there was built a wooden chapel. A priest was maintained by the manor. After 1831, the estate owner was exiled to Russia, the land passed to a landlord, who pulled down the chapel because of his religious belief. You can see the remains of the mansion (28 m by 12.5 m), the 3 m high bricked and plastered walls with gable, slate-covered roof. There are some manor’s farm buildings which are well-preserved: an outbuilding and a cattle-shed (45 m by 15 m) with 2.5 m high walls. The building’s corners, doors and windows’ openings were made of bricks and the walls are built from stones. The roof is slate-covered. There is also one outbuilding which is not from the period of the manor.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.23330, 24.23001