Nairiai Manor

  • Nairių dvaras
This manor is located in Pasvalys district, the edership of Vaškai in the village Nairiai. It is 24 km to the northwest from Pasvalys and Mr. Mikainis Gedertas owned 154 hectares of estate. You can see the remains of a residential manor building (built about 1920–1925): the mansion (28.5 m by 11.7 m), a single-storey building made from wooden beams, had 2.7 m high walls and a two-storey porch. The gable roof was tin-covered. The other buildings are in ruins. There are some manor’s farm buildings: a well-preserved piggery (15 m by 9.5 m) with its stone foundation, bricked walls and a sloping tin roof. On the door lintel, the construction date 1926 is carved. A wooden barn has a stone foundation and the roof covered with tin. There are only the remains of a cattle-shed and of an icehouse. There are some buildings that are not from the period of the manor: you can see an outbuilding and a mow.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.21302, 24.17177