Raudonpamūšė Manor

  • Raudonpamūšės dvaras
This manor is located in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Saločiai in the village Raudonpamūšė. You can see some fragments of the estate 12 kilometers north of Pasvalys, 250 meters to the west of the road Pasvalys–Riga, on the right bank of the River Mūša. The manor was created from the nineteenth century until the second half of the twentieth century. 240 hectares of the manor belonged to the German barons Ropp and it was divided in individual parcels in 1924. The former Raudonpamūšė residential mansion was demolished in 1987, as worn out. The former building was huge (50 m by 15 m), with a single-storey porch and a large attic in front of the south side. The high walls were made of bricks, without any air gaps, so it was cold and wet inside the building. The outside walls were plastered and painted white. The cellar, made of burned red bricks with arched ceilings, was beneath the whole building. There is still a house for the hired workers and a barn, standing on the north side, 10 m apart each other. The house (30 m by 5.75 m) has the walls of 3.3 meters in height. The barn (26 m by 13 m) has 3.5 m high walls. There are cellars under the both buildings with their arched ceilings. The entire manor’s environment is neglected. 150–200 meters from the former estate, there is an abandoned cemetery of property owners. Local people still remember there was standing a wooden manor chapel where public prayers were held. It ruined before 1940. In the nineteenth century, in the southern part of the former manor 4 hectares of the landscape park was created. The River Mūša flows on the western edge. The plants of the park are not very diverse: there are 12 local and 8 introduced species. The European larch and the simple weeping ash are the most beautiful from the introduced species.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.14870, 24.45656