Sculpture to the students from Joniškėlis who hoisted a national tricolor flag in 1957

  • Skulptūra 1957 m. trispalvę iškėlusių mokinių žygdarbiui atminti Joniškėlyje
This sculpture and a memorial plaque are designed to commemorate the daring feat of students from Joniškėlis. On the 1st January 1957, at night they hoisted our tricolor flag on an oak. They were Stasys Naglis, Ignas Levinskas, Romas Katkevicius, Petras Svirplys, Antanas Karoblis and Romas Keturakis. The Soviet security arrested those young people on the 14th February 1957 and exiled directly from secondary school. Stasys Naglis was sentenced to six years in prison, the other his colleagues were sentenced to two or four years of exile. The sculpture, embodying that event on the 1st January 1957, was unveiled on the 28th December 2008. Its author is Mr. Vytautas Bakūnasand it was consecrated by the Joniškėlis parish priest Saulius Černiauskas.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.02604, 24.16878