Cross to the local people of the village of Baluškiai

  • Kryžius Baluškių kaimo žmonėms
“Oh Lord, protect us, your followers from Baluškiai village. 2000“ – These words are carved on the Baluškiai Cross (the eldership of Daujėnai). The local community took care to built and unveil this Cross at their own expense. Its author is a folk artist Pranas Janulevičius from Pumpėnai. The Cross was consecrated by a priest Rimantas Visockas. The people of Baluškiai built this cross, to keep the memory of those who have left and bless those who still live in their motherland. Mr. Andriejus Pyragas and his sister Genė Karoblienė especially took care to build this monument. Previously at the end of the village there stood a Cross, which disappeared, only the foundation left, and the new one is located in the middle of the village.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.97289, 24.49623