Memorial plaque to a poet Eugenijus Matuzevičius

  • Atminimo lenta poetui Eugenijui Matuzevičiui Krinčine
It is nailed on the poet Eugenijus Matuzevičius parent’s house wall, in the village of Krinčinas. This memorial plaque was unveiled in 1994. We can read the following words: "I want to believe in man, poetry, land and sown grain..." There is also the inscription declaring that the poet lived and worked in Krinčinas. A doctor Genovaitė Jusaitienė and a poet from Panevėžys Petras Zablockis, who was Eugenijus Matuzevičius’ youth friend, unveiled this memorial plaque. The poet's face and the words were immortalized by a folk artist Zenonas Nistelis and consecrated by the Krinčinas parish priest Sigitas Uždavinys.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08061, 24.53259