Sculptures beside Lėvuo Basic School in Pasvalys

  • Skulptūros prie Lėvens pagrindinės mokyklos, Pasvalyje
Two wooden sculptures "In Waves" and "Lėvuo" were built in autumn 2007, on a bank of the River Lėvuo. Waves symbolize the confluence of two rivers, Mūša and Lėvuo and a place where the battle of Sun took place. It also symbolizes Pasvalys town settlement in a sinkhole region at the confluence of Lėvuo and Svalia Rivers. The authors are sculptors Adolf as Teresius and Kestutis Krasauskas. Pasvalys church vicar Mangirdas Maasas consecrated the sculptures.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06532, 24.40742