House of a poet and partisan Bronius Krivickas

  • Poeto, partizano Broniaus Krivicko tėviškė
A residential house of two parts with an open porch at a front door, nicely carved shutters, a small kitchen and other rooms stands in the village of Pervalkai (Pasvalys district). It is a native house of the most famous poet of resistance, critic, prose writer, playwright, translator and partisan Bronius Krivickas (1919–1952). In Pervalkai village the poet's early childhood passed. In 2011, Pervalkai local community chose street names. One of the main streets was named after Bronius Krivickas in memory of the poet. His native house stands there. On the 14th March 2013, on the residential building wall of the poet's birthplace was nailed a plate with the street name.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08325, 24.41148