Cross to the people of Pervalkai

  • Kryžius Pervalkų kaimo žmonėms
The cross to the people of Pervalkai sits on the border between the new and the old villages, at the junction of streets Ežero and Bronius Krivickas. There was a large oak cross previously at the same place. It was erected in 1939 by the priest Magnus Kazėnas who had spent many years in America. The cross decayed with the time and disintegrated. The community of the village of Pervalkai decided to replace it with a new one. In 2012 the local farmer Linas Niurka donated an oak tree and Vytautas Jackūnas from Pasvalys made an impressive new cross out of it. The cross was consecrated by Pasvalys church parson Albertas Kasperavičius in June 20, 2015.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08335, 24.41169