Vytartai Manor

  • Vytartų dvaras
This manor is located in Pasvalys district the village of Vytartai. It is 1.5 km from Pasvalys to the northwest, on the left bank of the River Mūša. The buildings appeared in the 20s of the twentieth century and until 1930 were owned by Mr. J. Chodakauskas. With his death, the land was divided among four heirs. The son, who inherited the centre of the estate, quickly went bankrupt, so he sold his part of the land to Mr. J. Valeika. The municipality bought another part with the central mansion and a school was founded there. This school functioned from 1931 to 1968. The mansion is of an architectural value. You can see only the residential mansion, it is a single-storey building with a stone foundation. It is bricked, plastered and painted white. The slate-covered roof replaces the former clay tile roof. The general condition of buildings is poor because the mansion is too old. In the park, you can admire some beautiful chestnut and linden alleys. The manor’s environment is a protected natural landscape area.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08738, 24.37147