Cross to the village of Ustukiai

  • Kryžius Ustukių kaimui
The unveiling ceremony of this new oak pillar-type chapel took place on the 15th August 2004. The Pasvalys parish priest Dean Algis Neverauskas consecrated it. This monument is located near the bridge over the River Mūša, at the crossroads of the old and the new villages, symbolizing the connection of the past and the present It is the third at the same place built a village unifying symbol. The then government odered to remove the Cross, which was built before the Second World War, and a villager Bronislovas Petkevičius took care to move that Cross to the old village cemetery. At the beginning of the Revival, Mr. B. Petkevičius together with Mr. Antanas Janulevičius once again replaced the Cross at the crossroads. In 1989, there was built a pillar-type chapel with the inscription “Revival of Lithuania”. Its author was Mr. Jonas Jasilionis. However, this monument was destroyed by the time. After some discussions, it was decided that the restoration is no longer justified. Thus the new Ustukiai monumento was born. After the roofed pole in Ustukiai had been consumed by the time, it was replaced by a cross. The cross consecration ceremony took place in August 15, 2014. The cross was erected at the same place where others previously had stood – by the bridge over the river Mūša, at the crossroad to Ustukiai, Vaškai and Pasvalys. The author of the cross is the folk artist Stasys Motiejūnas from Pasvalys. The consecration ceremony was held by Pasvalys church parson Albertas Kasperavičius.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.07868, 24.37364