Monumental composition in memory of exiles in Pasvalys

  • Paminklinė kompozicija „Trėmimams atminti“
This monumental composition was built near the former Pasvalys narrow-gauge railway station. It was unveiled in September 2010. The wagons like enter in a symbolic stone tunnel. They witness a journey from past to present, from darkness to light. The road leading towards the monument symbolizes not only the tears, pain and suffering of exile lives, but also the way to the freedom of Lithuania. A sculptor from Saločiai Valius Remeika created the monument, which was consecrated by Pasvalys Dean priest Algis Neverauskas. In 1916, during the First World War, Germans built the narrow-gauge railway from Pasvalys to Šiauliai in order to transport wood and other goods. Unfortunately, in June1941, in that railway station there stood wagons, in which the Soviet occupiers thrust enlightened local people condemned to deportation.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06410, 24.39274