Angels sculptures in Pasvalys

  • Angelų skulptūros Pasvalyje
These Angels sculptures were built on the slope of the River Lėvuo, in front of the old St. John the Baptist churchyard gate. It was unveiled on the 17th September 2010. Like the churchyard gate guards stand the angels “Hope“ by Mr. Stasys Motiejūnas and “Life” by Mr. Petras Pranskūnas. Below there are the angels of “Fishermen“ by Mr. Kęstutis Krasauskas, “ Sorrow” by Mr. Gražvydas Švaikauskas, “Humility” by Mr. Virginijus Jackūnas and the “Angel for everybody” by Mr. Vytautas Jackūnas. The “Angel of Language” by Mr. Arūnas Grušas is the closest to the water. All cases of an antique word “aniuols“ (an equivalent of “angel” in Lithuanian) are carved on this sculpture.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06203, 24.39812