Sculpture to the 2000 anniversary of Christianity in Pumpėnai

  • Skulptūra krikščionybės 2000 m. jubiliejui Pumpėnuose
This sculpture was built in little square beside the Pumpėnai St. Rosary Virgin Mary Church. It depicts Mary with the Child in her arms. It is symbolic, because Pumpėnai Church is named after St. Rosary Virgin Mary. The sculpture is covered by purple tin roof. This color means repentance in Catholicism. The monument was built in July 1999. Its author is a painter and sculptor Pranas Janulevičius from Pumpėnai. It is made from oak and steel plate. Its height is 5.5 meters. A priest Rimas Visockas is a founder of this sculpture.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.93534, 24.34247