Vienžindžiai old buria ground

  • Vienžindžių senkapis
This old burial ground is in the Vaškai eldership, Pasvalys district. It is located about 2.4 km to the southwest from the village Grūžiai, approximately 1 km to the south from the village Vienžindžiai, about 0.6 km to the east from the road Vienžindžiai–Linkuva and near the western part of the homestead of Mr. J. Kruopis. The local people said that during excavations of ancient burial ground there were found piles of stones, human bones, small coins, bronze bracelets and rings. The findings date back to the XIII–XVI centuries. The area’s surface is 0.1 ha.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.09789, 24.12920