Cross to a partisan Antanas Urbonas-Uosis in the village of Migoniai

  • Kryžius partizanui Antanui Urbonui ,,Uosiui“ ties Migonių kaimu
On the 18th June 1995, by the road Pasvalys–Šiauliai, at Migonys village there was consecrated the Cross in memory of a partisan Antanas Urbonas-Uosis. Its author is Mr. Boleslavas Gasiūnas. Pasvalys Dean Monsignor Jonas Balčiūnas consecrated the monument. Mr. Bronius Sarapinas, Mr. Petras Rinkūnas, from the village of Jurgėnai and the family Gasiūnai from Pasvalys took care to build this Cross. In late February 1947, a partisan Antanas Urbonas after many battles in Žadeikiai and Grūžiai forests, remained alone in the Žalioji forest because all the partisans from his troop were killed. Together with a German, who had escaped from the war captivity, Erich Endrius he was hiding in a bunker of the wood Levaniškiai. Children, hunting beaters, betrayed them both. Wounded and brutally tortured bodies of two men laid for two weeks in the Pasvalys center. After that their bodies were, buried in a Žadeikiai gravel pit. His sister Barbora and his fellow Petras Rinkūnas secretly kidnapped their bodies and reburied them in an estimable way.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.03514, 24.28623