Paliepiai Grūžiai Manor

  • Paliepių Grūžių dvaras
In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this manor was located to the north from the Mažieji Grūžiai mansion. The Paliepiai village and about 330 ha of land belonged to the manor. It was ruled by the baron family of Polish origin Ruscica, they were mentioned in the documents of Žalieji Grūžiai and Grūžiai in 1829–1830. In 1832, their name was found in the documents of Paliepiai manor, which owner Ignacas Antanas Ruscica, died in his mansion in 1865 at the age of 77 and was buried in a small cemetery of the mansion. In 1850, we can found the name of Antanas Ruscica, a son of Ignacas Antanas Ruscica. His daughter Ona Julija Ruščicaitė stayed in Paliepiai mansion and in 1894 married an engineer Mr. Juozapas Skripka, originated from the village of Stungiai, in Žagarės district. The last owner of the manor was Mr. Juozapas Skripka. The economic condition of the estate management was lamentable, there were stories that the owner did not have money even to reward workers. However, being an engineer, he designed the Grūžiai church and an old school building. He led all work himself. In 1937, Mr. Juozapas Skripka died in Kaunas, he and his wife Ona Ruščicaitė-Skripkienė both were buried in the Paliepiai Manor Cemetery. Two unmarried Ona’s sisters lived in their house and were buried in the same cemetery. This Cemetery is preserved and put in good order. The mansion has disappeared and the manor is destroyed. You can see some old lime-trees, a stone barn and a ramshackle windmill, built in 1881, which has been transformed into an electrically powered mill during the period of a collective farm "Vienybė" (a kolkhoz). It produced flour until 1990.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11426, 24.18060