Daučkėnai Manor

  • Daučkėnų dvaras
If you drive from Pasvalys, 20 km to the northeast, near the stream Upytė, you will find this manor. It is located l in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Krinčinas in the village of Daučkėnai. The manor was created in the second half of the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth century. There is a single-storey bricked house with a mezzanine in the centre, which is covered by a portico of four classical columns. The mansion is on the stone foundation, the white painted walls are plastered. The former owners of the manor were Mr. Verbutas and Mr. Šepetys. There are the remains of several outbuildings, some barn ruins. Some bushy trees grow outside. However, the former big garden is disappeared.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.10976, 24.62787