Pillar-type chapel to the local members of Catholic Youth Organization “Pavasaris” in the village Mediniai

  • Pavasarininkų kuopos koplytstulpis Medinių kaime
A group of Lithuanian Catholic Youth Association “Pavasaris“ from Mediniai village built this roadside pole in 1928, which was an anniversary year for Lithuania. In a chapel, there is a small statue of Virgin Mary praying. In the past, travelers passing beside this chapel used to take off their hats and other crossed himself, hoping a lucky travelling. The pillar-type chapel is not entirely original: in autumn 2007, a folk artist Stasys Motiejūnas from Pasvalys renewed this chapel. An authentic nailed tin platę, bearing the words: “Oh Lord, bless free Lithuanian fields! 15 May 1928. L.K.J.S. Pavasaris. A group of Mediniai village“, has the biggest value.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.09676, 24.31309