Sculptures to disappeared villages in Deglėnai

  • Skulptūros išnykusiems kaimams Deglėnuose
On the 16th July 2011, in Deglėnai village there was opened a Memorial Park to disappeared villages. The villages of Būdininkai-Šarkaičiai, Daukučiai, Jusėnai, Mickaičiai, Pagirnupiai and Šermukšniai were immortalized in oak sculptures. During the period from 4th to 14th July, a meeting of sculptors: Dalius Dirsė, Vytautas Jackūnas, Kęstutis Krasauskas, Saulius Lampickas, Antanas Lastauskas, Algimantas Sakalauskas and Adolfas Teresius, took place and they created these sculptures. Panevėžys Bishop Jonas Kauneckas consecrated them. The central pillar-type chapel is designed to a ploughman who was forced to leave its estate. Its author is a sculptor Algimantas Sakalauskas from Prienai. This monument symbolizes the extinct villages people's pain, when they were forced to leave their land and own farms. "Flown out birds" is a wooden sculpture for the residents of Jusėnai village by a sculptor Kęstutis Krasauskas from Sereikoniai village.It depicts birds, a Cross and the sun which refer to an individual's birth, life, death and resurrection. A sculptor Vytautas Jackūnas from Pasvalys immortalized Mickaičiai village by carving Christ of Nazareth. The roofed pole for Būdininkai–Šarkaičiai village (its author is Mr. Saulius Lampickas) is an oak sculpture depicting an Angel beside a well sweep. A sculptor Adolfas Teresius from Garliava Daukučiams dedicated his roofed pole to Daukučiai village depicting St. Veronika. It is a symbol of a simple, caring and kindhearted peasant woman. Mr. Antanas Lastauskas created the Pagirnupiai village roofed pole. The main symbol of it is St. Agatha who protects from fires and other disasters. Beside this roofed pole there is a memorial stone on which is engraved a Pagirnupiai village map with the 22 names of homesteads owners. The stone was placed there three years ago. A sculptor Dalius Dirsė created a roofed pole to Šermukšniai village. This sculpture shows a mother with a baby in her arms, children herding sheep and a father protecting their homestead. Above them, two carved angels, as if protecting the village from hardship. All the characters are ornared by rowan bunches.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.92878, 24.12184