Januškai Mansion

  • Januškų palivarkas
This mansion is located in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Pumpėnai in the village of Januškai. It is a quiet remote area surrounded by Moliūnai forest in the eastern and southern sides, on the right bank of the River Pyvesa, the Green Forest (Žalioji giria) begins here. It was the estate of Joniškėlis property owners Karpiai (Mr. Benediktas Karpis). In the nineteenth and at the beginning of twentieth centuries they lived in the Joniškėlis mansion in winter, and during the summer, they used to come to the Moliūnai mansion or to the small mansion of Januškai. In 1926, this mansion was divided in individual parcels. The manor’s centre with a single-storey brick building and five ha of land was left to a primary school. The school continued to work in the post-war years, some teachers lived there. The huge impressive barn went to Mr. Mickeliūnas who rented it for local farmers. After the establishment of collective farms (kolkhozes), there was a collective animal farm in the barn, and the mansion temporarily accommodated the collective farm’s workers. Two red-bricked buildings: the manor house and the barn are well preserved. In the Soviet times, these buildings were the property of a plant from Panevėžys, they repaired the buildings and built a resort. Nowadays the remaining buildings are owned by the parish of Pumpėnai. In its park, there had been rare plantation, but they have disappeared during the time. You can see only some fragments of the old park.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.89153, 24.51694