Melėnai burial ground

  • Melėnų pilkapynas, vadinamas Milžinų kapais
This burial ground is in the Pušalotas eldership, Pasvalys district. It is located two kilometres to the southeast from several crossroads Pumpėnai–Žadeikiai and Rinkūnai–Moliūnai, on the right bank of the River Pyvesa and 0.2 km to the east from the road Rinkūnai–Moliūnai. The area’s surface is about 200 m long to the northeast-southwest direction and up to 30 m wide. Nine burial ground’s barrows are located near each other: they are flattened, having a diameter of 6 to 10 m, height is up to 0.5 m. The remains of stone wreaths can be seen. The burial ground is covered with pines and other trees. Before World War II, the burial ground was plowed, some wreaths were removed and the barrows even used to be dug. The monument is of an archaeological value. It is also known as Giants' Grave (Milžinų kapai).
  • GPS coordinates: 55.95286, 24.44402