Puigiškiai Manor

  • Puigiškių dvaras
This manor is located in the eldership of Saločiai, Puigiškiai village, 20 km to the north from Pasvalys and 1.5 km to the east of the highway M-12. There were former manor buildings such as a mansion, a wooden barn, a piggery, a cowshed and an icehouse. The mansion is a red-bricked single-storey house with a mezzanine in a front centre, which is covered by a two-column portico. The foundation is built of stone and the roof is covered with slates. The wooden barn was built around 1940, it has been in an emergency condition for a long time. The manor’s piggery was a building with a stone foundation, red-bricked walls up to 1 m tall and a slate-covered roof. Nowadays you can see only the foundation and some walls. The walls of the cowshed are from dolomites, decorated with a mosaic of broken stone. The opening of windows, doorways and the corners of the building are made of bricks. The gable roof is slate-covered.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.19305, 24.45274