Monument to a partisan Jonas Žilys in the eldership of Daujėnai

  • Paminklas partizanui Jonui Žiliui Daujėnų seniūnijoje
On the 10th September 2005, a memorial stone was buil in the eldership of Daujėnai, by the road from Baluškiai to Moliūnai. It is designed to a partisan Jonas Žilys-Vakaris who came from Šakarniai village, Daujėnai parish. He became a partisan when he was just 17 years old, he chose his brother, a partisan commander Lieutenant Povilas Žilys footsteps and fought for the freedom of Lithuania for almost 6 years. Jonas Žilys was killed on the 8th September 1950, when a Russian crew formed a cordon around a remote farm of Aleksas and Veronica Zakarevičiai. The monument with the inscription "Here on 09.08.1950 a partisan Jonas Žilys-Vakaris was killed" was consecrated by a priest Dean Algis Neverauskas from Pasvalys.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.92899, 24.48081